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Healthy Partnerships Report

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Healthy Partnerships Report

The Healthy Partnerships Report (find PDF downloads below) assesses how governments and the private health sector are working together in forty-five countries in Africa. The Report starts from the premise that collaboration between the government and the private health sector can improve the quality and access of care. Researchers working on this report created a new framework to measure the level of engagement between the public health authorities and private sector providers in Africa, informed by over 750 in-person interviews with stakeholders at every level of the healthcare system. They identified five domains that collectively comprise engagement: policy and dialogue; information exchange; regulation; financing; and public provision of services.

The team appreciates the insight shared by all respondents that were interviewed in the 45 countries, and the validators of the coded data.


Download full Report English (25MB) French (16MB), Portuguese (15MB).

For slower Internet connections or to download individual parts of the Report:

Executive Summary (English, French, Portuguese)

Front Matter (English, French, Portuguese)

Introduction (English, French, Portuguese)

Section 1: What engagement is and why it matters (English, French, Portuguese)

Section 2: What our research tells us about engagement (English, French, Portuguese)

Section 3: Conclusions and action plan for stakeholders (English, French, Portuguese)

Appendix: Country Snapshots (A – Le) (English, French, Portuguese)

Appendix: Country Snapshots (Li – Z) (English, French, Portuguese)

Appendix: Data, Conceptual background, Methodology, Private health care market scoping (English, French, Portuguese)

Back Matter (English, French, Portuguese)

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