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Investment Promotion

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Countries around the globe compete fiercely for investment that can encourage faster economic growth and job creation by infusing capital, technology, and know-how into key industries. Developing and transitional countries must prioritize attracting investment their development strategy, particularly given the recent financial crisis. An important question for investment promotion intermediaries in these countries is how to best develop the investor outreach, facilitation, aftercare, and strategy to attract direct investment.

Developing the foundation to generate new investment

Investment Promotion is one of the core products under the Investment Climate Department's Industries practice area, together with Agribusiness, Tourism and Light Manufacturing. We help client countries effectively market their improving business environments to win new investment. The product line supports our clients' need for rapid increases in investment by targeting opportunities in specific sectors or industries, within the context of job creation and sustainability.

Providing practical and operational assistance

Our projects typically deliver an action plan coupled with implementation assistance to:

  • Improve the legal and policy environment for both local and foreign investment.
  • Design and implement a program of sector-targeted investment promotion activities to attract and facilitate investment.
  • Design and implement effective investor facilitation and aftercare programs.
  • Enhance national and subnational capacity to implement these promotion efforts.

A wide range of resources support the needs of clients: diagnostic tools, an investment generation toolkit with practical topic modules on the key investment promotion functions, self-guided training materials that support the toolkit, and other practical resources. These tools can be tailored to each client's local context and objectives.

Establishing a system for benchmarking competitiveness for investment

We have developed an indicator designed to cast more light on global competitiveness to attract foreign direct investment. The Global Investment Promotion Best Practices, a global survey conducted in 2006, 2009, and 2012, assesses the ability of national investment promotion intermediaries from 189 countries to react to investment opportunities by mirroring the location decision-making process of foreign investors.


Examples of Our Work

Investment Promotion in Brazil's Frontier

The World Bank Group's investment promotion work in Brazil helped generate over $1 billion in investments in the country, leading to new opportunities for the low-income population.

Creating Jobs and Growth through Investment in Haiti

Haiti is working to spur investment and job creation in the country through sector-focused investment promotion and special economic zones.