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Investment Promotion: A Guide to Investor Targeting in Agribusiness

This guide seeks to help project leaders in working with client governments to attract concrete agribusiness investments that create jobs, reduce poverty, and develop value chains in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.

CPIMAGE:49367|Scoping Mission

Quick Guides to Integrating Public-Private Dialogue

Quick Guides to Integrating Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) provide an overview and necessary tools to integrate PPD into projects. The guides are divided into four modules.

CPIMAGE:48421|Low-Carbon Zones Handbook

Low-Carbon Zones Toolkit

This handbook is designed to aid practitioners in understanding low-carbon zones and the systematic process required to develop and operate in such zones.

CPIMAGE:46732|Food Safety Toolkit

Food Safety Toolkit

This toolkit is a step-by-step guide to empower reformers with a set of tools, and help them assess the market potential, build capacity, and assist in mitigating barriers to development in food safety.

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Investment Generation Toolkit

Investment promotion practitioners can access reference guides, best practice examples and practical tools for successful investment promotion efforts.  

CPIMAGE:15583|How to Reform Business Licenses

How to Reform Business Licenses

This site provides a detailed guide to implementing fast-track, top-down business licensing and regulatory reforms. It is aimed specifically at World Bank Group staff and business regulation practitioners.


Private Health Policy Toolkit

Welcome to the Private Health Policy Toolkit, which offers policymakers and practitioners online access to a growing collection of resources that support organizations seeking to engage the private health sector to improve health system outcomes.

Reforming Business Registration: A Toolkit for the Practitioners

This toolkit provides policymakers and practitioners the fundamentals of international good practice in business registration reform that can be adapted to specific country contexts in a coherent, consistent, and sustainable way.

Investment toolkit

Guide for Investors in Private Health Care in Emerging Markets

The guide uncovers market opportunities in the health sector for investors and financiers through practical case studies, sector data and web resources.