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Private Health Policy Toolkit for Africa

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Welcome to the Private Health Policy Toolkit for Africa, which offers health policy makers online access to a growing collection of information about policies and practices that can help enhance the contribution of the private sector to important health goals in developing countries. Each Module is composed of concepts (Steps) broken down into smaller topics (Substeps). Use the left sidebar to jump to other modules, and the right dropdown menu to navigate within a module to Steps and Substeps. On each page the right sidebar Tools provide guidelines to implement a concept, while Resources allow you to dive deeper into a topic.

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Module 1: Why Private Sector?

In this module we learn about how the private health sector is an important component of the health system. We also find out how engaging the private sector is a part of government stewardship.

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Module 2: Policy Cycle

This module describes how to engage with the private health sector using the policy cycle, an idealized framework which starts with assessment of the private health sector, and continues to policy design, implementation and evaluation.


Module 3: Engagement Tools

In this module, we learn about engagement tools associated with the following engagement domains: policy and dialogue, information exchange, regulation, financing, and public provision of services.


Module 4: Glossary

This module contains the glossary of terms for engaging with the private health sector.

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Module 5: Resource Links by Topic

This module has links to key policy reform tools by topic.