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Private Health Policy Toolkit for Africa

Module 2: Policy Cycle

Step 4: Monitoring and Evaluation

Like any other activity in which time and money are invested, PPDs need to be monitored and evaluated. But PPDs pose particular challenges for M&E because:

  1. It is largely process-oriented. This presents issues with how to quantify and assess change and improvement.
  2. Intangible benefits and 'outcomes' of PPD such as improvements in trust and cooperation are not easily quantifiable, but are significant.
  3. In the PPD process, ownership ultimately rests with national stakeholders, independent of international donors. These stakeholders may have their own set of objectives and quantified targets, which may significantly differ from the M&E framework established at program onset.

Nonetheless it is crucial to monitor and evaluate your PPD. M&E keeps PPD projects on track, creates the basis for reassessing priorities and creates an evidence base for current and future projects through the systematic collection and analysis of information on the implementation of a project.