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Investment Generation Toolkit


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This Toolkit was originally created by MIGA. The WBG's Investment Generation program is a joint venture between the WB, IFC and MIGA

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Online reference guide for investment promotion practitioners

In nine step-by-step modules, you can learn the fundamentals, access practical tools, review case studies on best practices, develop your promotional strategy and link to research on potential investors:


Module 1: About FDI

Understanding Foreign Direct Investment

Reviews FDI trends and factors propelling overseas investment and examines how an investment location is selected.

CPIMAGE:15551|Module 2

Module 2: IPA Set-up

Developing an Investment Promotion Agency

This module outlines the primary steps in setting up a new, or restructuring an existing, investment promotion agency (IPA).

CPIMAGE:15553|Module 3

Module 3: Strategy

Creating an Investment Promotion Strategy

This module explains how to develop an investment promotion strategy. It shows how to conduct an evaluation of your location's strengths and weaknesses and how to identify the specific industry sectors that are compatible with these attributes.

CPIMAGE:15555|Module 4

Module 4: Partnerships

Building Effective Partnerships

This module provides guidelines to help in determining which activities are best undertaken in partnership with other agencies, as well as, how the resulting relationship can be effectively managed.

CPIMAGE:15557|Module 5

Module 5: Image

Strengthening the Location's Image

This module covers the key elements of image building - assessing how investors view the location, identifying locational strengths and weaknesses, and developing an action plan.

CPIMAGE:15559|Module 6

Module 6: Targeting

Targeting and Generating Investment Opportunities

This module discusses the key elements of investment generation, including developing and maintaining a lead tracking database, and planning and executing the investment campaign.

CPIMAGE:15561|Module 7

Module 7: Servicing

Servicing Investors

This module discusses appropriate techniques and approaches in each of the key areas of investor servicing: preparing for the visit;managing the visit program and the post visit follow up.

CPIMAGE:15563|Module 8

Module 8: M&E

Monitoring and Evaluating Activities and Results

This module provides practicalguidance of an IPA and to demonstrate to government and others fundersthe value of promotional activities

CPIMAGE:15565|Module 9

Module 9: Technology

Utilizing Information Technology

This module examines the role of information technology in investment promotion and provides guidelines for organizations that want to establish, develop, or maximize their information technology potential.