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Investment Generation Toolkit

Module 6: Targeting




One of the most common images associated with investment promotion is that of an investment officer contacting a potential investor to discuss opportunities in his or her location. Before this contact is made and after it is completed the officer and the investment promotion intermediary (IPI) will undertake a number of steps that collectively are called investment generation. In most cases, the intermediary or local authority will have conducted an image building campaign to inform the investors about its location before beginning the investment generation campaign.

This module discusses the transition from image building to investment generation and ways to target and generate investment opportunities. Beginning with the development of a lead tracking database, the module then describes how to use this database as a foundation for an investment generation campaign. Next, the discussion turns to planning and executing the campaign, explaining the most common tools at the IPI's disposal to generate interest in its location, and how to build a relationship with potential investors.

Lessons from this module:

Upon completing this module, the reader will:

  • Know the difference between image building and investment generation
  • Understand the use of key direct marketing techniques
  • Know the importance of a marketing database and understand how to develop such a database
  • Understand the investment generation project cycle
  • Be able to effectively use the most common investment generation tools


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