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Investment Generation Toolkit

Module 8: M&E




This module provides practical guidance on how monitoring and evaluation can be used to improve the management of an investment promotion intermediary (IPI). This function is necessary to assess the cost effectiveness of the organization's activities and to develop qualitative and quantitative measures of its performance. This module is primarily designed to help IPI senior management understand the importance of monitoring and evaluation, and it provides guidelines for the implementation of such systems.

Lessons from this module:

Upon completing this module, the reader will:

  • Understand why monitoring and evaluation should be built into the day-to-day operations of the investment promotion intermediary
  • Know how to monitor a location's investment climate so to better perform the intermediary's advocacy role
  • Appreciate the importance of conducting both qualitative and quantitative assessments of the intermediary's activities
  • Know how to track and measure investment and disinvestments; and,
  • Recognize the importance of benchmarking your investment performance against that of other locations


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