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Investment Generation Toolkit

Module 9: Technology




The growing use and development of information technology (IT) is changing the way that governments and companies around the world conduct their business. This is equally true for the investment promotion business. This module examines the role of IT in investment promotion, and provides guidelines for investment promotion intermediaries (IPIs) that want to establish, develop or maximize their IT potential. Through this module, you will learn how to use the Internet, Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Client Tracking Systems (CTS) as well as other IT tools as a means of information exchange, research, tracking and analysis. The module also outlines the steps involved in establishing a CRM system and a web site.

Many of the promotional techniques and approaches discussed in the other Toolkit modules can be implemented more effectively using IT. For instance, the issues covered in this module are related directly to the development and the implementation of an integrated investment promotion strategy, as discussed in Module 3. The broad reach of the World Wide Web (the Web) as a marketing tool makes it a perfect vehicle to reach a new and growing audience for image building activities (see Module 5). The Web can also be used by IPIs to access an increasing volume of data for both general market research and for intelligence gathering on specific firms. After this information on potential investors is collected, the CRM tool makes a powerful investor tracking and relationship management system for proactive outreach and investor targeting (see Module 6). These technological developments are also changing the way that investors and other clients are serviced by agencies (see Module 7), as more and more services can now be provided electronically. IT has a fundamental impact on virtually all aspects of how investment promotion is conducted.

Lessons from this module:

Upon completing this module, the reader will:

  • Be familiar with the IT revolution and the opportunities it presents for your organization
  • Understand what a CTS system is and the process of installing and customizing it to suit your IPI
  • Know a range of investment-related data that is available on the Internet, and know how to find data quickly and easily
  • Be aware of the steps involved in developing an Internet-based promotion strategy
  • Understand what a web site is, what is needed to develop and maintain such a site, and the role of the site in the overall strategy of the IPI


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